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Code 124 - Condoms

Sax Regular 24s. 53mm nominal width. Pack of 24 condoms


Code 212 - Condoms

Sax Ultra Thin 12s. 53mm nominal width. Pack of 12 condoms 6 Packs per inner


Code 112 - Condoms

Sax Regular 12s. 53mm nominal width. Pack of 12 condoms 6 Packs per inner


Code 612 - Condoms

Sax Tighter Fit 12s. 49mm nominal width. Pack of 12 condoms


Safely enhancing the sex life of many people with different needs

Sax Health Care, an Australian company founded in 2000, is a "healthy sex company" committed to providing contemporary value-for-money products that safely enhance the sex lives of people with many different types of needs.

In addition to our main line -- Sax branded condoms -- we offer other related products, including the recently launched 3X adult toys.

Sax Health Care has extended its service beyond the Australian market, we now offer Sax branded condoms and sponges in Thailand, and will continue to add different markets and products to our portfolio.

Sax has a close relationship with many of our main customers, such as AIDS councils, sexual health agencies, brothels, gay venues and adult stores. We work with them and other groups to educate the public, and encourage safe sexual practices.

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