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S & M

S & M can be soft, sensual and romantic while being kinky and intensely exciting. The simple action of being in control or at the mercy of your lover's desires offers a new physical experience and an intensified feeling of closeness with your partner. Whether you're just starting out or you're ready to recreate your favourite kinky movie, Sax Healthcare has all of the tools that you need for a night of passion.

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There's a whole world of S & M toys to explore. However, you also need to use your imagination to keep your sexy escapades fresh. One interesting aspect of S & M is that the experience can be extremely different every time depending on the scenario and the tools that you and your partner use during play. By coming up with your own scenarios and figuring out which sensations you enjoy, you can make sure that your experience is like the first time over and over again.

Exploring S & M Techniques

Ordinary couples are experimenting with being tied up and totally submissive. However, this isn't the only way to use S & M toys. You can also employ a swing or other tools to allow some movement and give your partner the opportunity to explore pleasing you as well.

From whips to handcuffs, masks, paddles, and even the S & M mouth gag, you’ll find a wide range of options at affordable prices so that you can add to your collection of toys. Some options for using these toys include hot and cold, pleasure and pain, and tie and tease.

Always Put Safety First

As with any type of play, you should always put safety first. Make sure to talk with your partner first and agree on safety words if you feel uncomfortable or are starting to feel any pain so that the experience can remain enjoyable for the both of you. If you are a newcomer to S & M activities, you should also make sure that you avoid using toys in a manner that could put your partner in danger and keep a S & M first aid kit nearby.

Get Assistance From Sax Health Care

At Sax Health Care, we’re proud to serve your intimate needs with our online shop. We can answer all of your questions about our products, as well as, any you might have about sex life in general. So please feel free to get in touch.

To place an order for S & M products any of other things that we offer, browse our online selection or contact us via phone on 03 9543 2872 within Australia or +61 3 9543 2872 International for further assistance.

Code 760 Play Whip - Red or Bl...

Code 760 Play Whip - Red or Black


Code 763 Play Hand Cuffs

Code 763 Hand Cuffs - Hook & Loop


Code 764 Hand & Feet Play Cuff...

Code 764 Hand & Feet Play Cuffs - Hook & Loop


Code 765 Blindfold in Red or B...

Code 765 Red Blindfold - Soft Plastic


Code 766 Mask in Red or Black

Code 766 Red Mask - Soft Plastic


Code 775 Play Mouth Gag

Code 775 Play Mouth Gag


Code 776 Velvet Collar & Lead

Code 776 Velvet Collar & Lead


Code 715 - Butt Dummy

Butt Dummy - Anal Pacifier. Available in Pink Blue Purple & Clear


Code 763 - S & M - Metal Cuffs

Black Leather Cuffs with Metal Links


Code 766 - S & M - Black Bask

Black Feau Leather Mask

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