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Lubricant offers many benefits. Whether you or your sexual partner need to supplement natural lubrication or you simply want to try something new, then our products can help. At Sax Health Care, we offer a wide range of Wet Stuff personal lubricants to make your intimate experiences that much more enjoyable!

Personal lubricant not only increases pleasure, it can also help to reduce pain during sexual intercourse or other activities. It can be applied directly to the body, to a condom or to the hands or fingers. We also offer massage lubricants such as Slippery Stuff and the top end Wet Stuff Touch which can be used for both massage and safer sex.

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Lubricants are available in many different varieties so that you can experiment with different options in order to find the flavours and sensations that appeal to you the most. In order to guarantee your protection against sexually-transmitted infections, always make sure that your lubricant is water-based or silicone-based.

An important note about oil based lubricants: Oil based lubricants are not designed for use with condoms and can weaken condoms making them more likely to break. To help keep our customers safe, all of the personal lubricant products we offer here at Sax Health Care are water-based or silicone-based.

Wet Stuff Lubricant

Wet Stuff lubricant is well-known in the adult world for its unique ability to enhance intimate pleasure. These lubricants are made from high quality ingredients that have been especially selected to increase the sensation that is often lacking with other lubes.

Wet Stuff is manufactured by Gel Works, Australia's largest personal lubricant manufacturer. This brand features a wide range of products and the ingredients have been fully tested in order to ensure that they are both safe and skin-friendly. All Wet Stuff lubricants are designed to be safely used with condoms.

Shop for Lubricant Online At Sax Health Care

As an Australian company, Sax Health Care is a "Healthy Sex Company" with a strong commitment to providing products that safely enhance the sex lives of many different people with different needs. Since 2000, we have offered Sax branded condoms and now our products have extended to include our 3X brand adult toys.

Sax Healthcare offers discreet, prompt shipping to locations throughout Australia. To place an order for personal lubricants or any of our other products, browse the selection above or contact us via phone on 03 9543 2872 within Australia or +61 3 9543 2872 overseas for further assistance.

Code 625S Sublime Silicone Bod...

Sublime Silicone Bodyglide 125g Spray. Particularly good lubrication for anal sex


Code 650U Wet Stuff Ultra 5Kg

5kg Bulk WS Ultra container


Code 660I - Wet Stuff Ignight

Orgasm Enhancing Lubricant 50gm Click Top


Code 695 - Wet Stuff Secrets 2...

Silicone Based Lube with Sorbeline


Code 601 Vitamin E 1kg Pump

1kg Vitamin E Pump Top


Code 601L Lite 1kg Pump

1Kg Wet Stuff Lite Pump Top


Code 601SI Silicone Bodyglide ...

Silicone Bodyglide 990g Pump


Code 603 Silicone Bodyglide Ca...

Ready Silicone Bodyglide Caps - 18 capsules 1500mg each


Code 604 - Wet Stuff Vitamin E

4gm Sachets 1000 per Box


Code 604G - Wet Stuff Gold

4gm Sachets 1000 per Box


Code 604SIP - Premium Silicone...

Premium Silicone Bodyglide 3g sachets 1000 per box


Code 604U - Wet Stuff Ultra

4gm Sachets 1000 per Box


Code 605SI Silicone Bodyglide

50g Click Top Silicone Bodyglide


Code 605SIP Premium Silicone B...

50g Premium Silicone Bodyglide


Code 610 - Vitamin E

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610A - Aloe Vera

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610B - Banana

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610C - Salted Caramel

100g Tubes Salted Caramel


Code 610G - Gold

Wet Stuff Gold 100gm Tubes


Code 610L - Lite

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610PL - Plus

100gm Wet Stuff Plus Tubes


Code 610S - Strawberry

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610SL - Slippery

90gm/100gm Tubes


Code 610W - Warming

100gm tubes. Natural Warming Effect


Code 625N Wet Stuff Naturally

Wet Stuff Naturally 125g Click Top


Code 625SE Elite Silicone 125g...

Wet Stuff Elite Silicone Bodyglide 125g Spray


Code 625SG Gloss Silicone 125g...

Gloss Silicone 125g Spray


Code 625SI Silicone Bodyglide

125gm Click Top Bottle

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