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Male Lingerie & Fantasy Costumes

Are you looking for an easy way to add more spice to your foreplay? Dressing up in men's lingerie or a sexy costume can make things even more fun and exciting for both partners. Male lingerie and fantasy costumes help you to enhance your exploration of your sexual fantasies. Enjoy new ways of exploring your sexuality in a way that you haven't tried before.

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Sexy Fantasy Costumes in a Range of Styles

Surprise your lover when you dress up as their own personal male stripper, Santa or sexy waiter and more. Having your own special outfit for the bedroom will boost your self-confidence, which will make your sexual encounters that much more enjoyable. Choose from sensual fabrics such as lace or mesh, so that you can enjoy a sensation that you just don't get from wearing basic cotton underwear.

While you or your partner may have thought about wearing something different but felt too embarrassed to share it, why not go ahead and make things happen? Just as lingerie helps women to feel powerful and desirable, sexy lingerie does the same for men and can be a real turn-on.

Choosing the Right Style of Male Lingerie

Boxers and briefs are super-comfortable and fit easily underneath your clothes. They are also very flattering for men who carry more weight on their legs in contrast to the upper portion of the body. On the other hand, jockstraps, swimmers, thongs, and G-strings emphasise the genitals and show off the buttocks.

If you think that you or your partner would enjoy some new options for bedroom attire, why not give these options a try? At Sax Healthcare, we offer male lingerie that is sheer enough to seduce while still leaving something up to the imagination. If you are feeling a bit more shy, we have options that offer more coverage while still being flattering to the male physique.

Shop Male Lingerie and Fantasy Costumes at Sax Health Care

To protect your privacy, Sax Health Care offers discreet, fast shipping of our products to locations throughout Australia. We provide male lingerie, fantasy costumes, condoms, and related accessories for all of your bedroom product needs.

Sax Health Care is a "healthy sex company" dedicated to helping people enjoy their sex lives more. Whether you need products to protect your sex life in general or to rejuvenate your intimate relationships, we have a variety of products that can help.

To place an order for male lingerie, fantasy costumes or any of our other products, browse our selection above or contact us via phone on 03 9543 2872 within Australia or +61 3 9543 2872 International for further assistance.

Code 2292 - 2Piece/Robe/Stocki...

Virgin White Top and Bottom


Code 2297 - 2Piece/Robe/Stocki...

Frilly White Top and Bottom


Code 2311 - Fantasy Costumes

See Through Pyjama Party


Code 2322 - Fantasy Costumes

Dominatrix in Corset Small & Medium Size


SS8003-Sexy Waiter

Sexy Waiter Essentials!


3067 - Boys Swimmers - Purple ...

Boys Swimmers - One Size - Purple / Black


3019 - Boys Spandex Undies

Boys Spandex Undies - One size


3216 - Boys See Thru

3216 - Boys See Thru - One Size


8037 - Super Man

Super man - 2 piece set - 'S' symbol on mesh top with cloak and fishnet boxers


8044 - Bless Me Father - And L...

Bless Me Father - And Longer - One size - 2 piece set - sleeveless mesh top with priest collar & boxers with cross


8051 - Naughty Santa

Naughty Santa - One Size - 2 piece set - mesh boxers & Santa hat. Christmas or not, the naughty Santa set is the perfect gift ...

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