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Give your pleasure an upgrade with stimulators from Sax Healthcare. These masturbators are designed to take your please from zero to orgasm while giving you as much pleasure as possible as you go.

Stimulation units are designed to give you a better-than-real feel. The textures are especially designed to stimulate you in a way that your hand can't so that you can try something new. Masturbators make for a great first time sex toy, whether you use them alone or with your partner, because they are easy to clean and they also provide excellent stimulation.

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Stimulators Available in Multiple Styles

Simulators are also available in a wide range of textures and styles so that you can experiment with different options until you find something that you like. These toys are also not anatomically modelled, which means that they are more discreet. In addition, while the inside feels textured to give you an enjoyable experience, the outside often has ridges so that you can maintain a good grip during use.

Use Masturbators With Lubricant

All masturbators are designed to be used with a sexual lubricant in order to avoid uncomfortable friction during use. Make sure to purchase a water-based lube for use with your toys so that you don't risk damage to the toy's material. They should also be cleaned after every use with a sex toy cleaner that is appropriate for the material that your masturbator is made from.

At first, stimulation units might seem daunting to use. But once you've applied the lubricant, get ready to explore. You can enjoy the sensations and figure out your favourite way to use it as you go along.

Stimulators for Couples

While many people think of these stimulation units as just for solo play, couples have also been incorporating them into their intimate bedroom activities. While they can't be used during sex, they can be used to intensify the please before sex or at times when you want to give your partner pleasure but don't want to engage in full-on sex.

Shop for Stimulation Units Online With Sax Health Care

Sax Health Care is a premier Australian provider of stimulation units. We offer discreet, prompt shipping to locations throughout Australia so that your order arrives quickly.

As a “healthy sex company,” Sax Health Care is committed to providing products that are designed to enhance your sex life. We regularly new products so check back for our latest selection of stimulators and masturbator products.

To place an order or to get answers to your questions about any of our other products, browse the selection above or contact us via phone on 03 9543 2872 within Australia or +61 3 9543 2872 International for further assistance.

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