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If you're looking for internal stimulation, a dildo may be the perfect sex toy for you. Dildos are sex toys that are designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Dildos are not designed to anything other than what we make them do as they don't have motors or moving parts. The pleasure of using a dildo comes from penetration.

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With some options designed to look and feel like the real thing, dildos are available in all shapes and sizes. They also work great as a sex toy for beginners. At Sax Healthcare, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Dildo Sex Toy Options

Dildos are made from a wide range of materials including silicone, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal, and glass. Made from a firm material, while others are also made from a material that is also flexible, dildos are designed to deliver maximum pleasure. All dildos are safe for vaginal use. However, if you would like to use a dildo for anal play, it must feature a flared base and be free from seams or sharp edges to reduce the risk of injury.

Double ended dildos allow both partners to enjoy being stimulated at the same time. We also offer anal beads which are specifically designed for anal play. These consist of a string of plastic, metal or glass beds which gradually get bigger towards the base. A common method of using anal beads is to insert them during masturbation or sex and remove them at the point of orgasm.

Dildos for Use With a Strap-on Harness

Some dildos also have a suction cup base that allows you to press the sucker base against any flat surface so that you can enjoy hands-off fun. Many people enjoy using dildos in strap-on sex as well. As long as the dildo is compatible with your strap-on harness, you can use it. If you plan to use it with a strap-on harness make sure that the dildo has the proper O-ring size so that you get a good fit.

Shop for Dildos Online At Sax Health Care

Sax Health Care is an Australian "Healthy Sex Company" with a strong commitment to providing products that are designed to safely enhance the sex lives people while catering to their unique needs. Since 2000, we have offered Sax branded condoms. Today, our product lines have expanded to include adult toys.

Sax Healthcare delivers your order with discreet, prompt shipping to locations throughout Australia. To place an order for dildos or glass toy products, browse the selection above or contact us with your questions via phone on 03 9543 2872 within Australia or +61 3 9543 2872 for international orders.

Code 716 Penis Extender

Code 716 Penis Extender. Made from 100% body safe TPE, this high quality penis extension will allow you to enhance your girth and ...


Code 745A Anal Stimulator

Code 745A Anal Stimulator - Available in Red or Black !!!


Code 709 - Love Beads

Love Beads 12 Inches of Fun. Comes in Yellow Green Blue Purple and Red


Code 710 - Fun for Two

Fun for Two Double Ended 13 inch Dildo. Comes in Clear, Black, Purple, Pink Blue Green Cream & Yellow


Code 711 - Love Ball Pair

Silicone unisex balls for exercising pelvic muscles. Comes in Pink, Orange, Green or Blue colour.


Code 713-Tapered Fun for Two

Tapered Fun for Two Double Ended 15 inch dildo from fat to thin end. Made from silicone Comes in Purple,Pink Green Black & Flesh c...


Code 715 - Butt Dummy

Butt Dummy - Anal Pacifier. Available in Pink Blue Purple & Clear


Code 750 3X Strap On - 8 Inche...

3X Strap On - Black or Cream colour. This strap-on dildo from Sax allows you to reach your partner’s most erotic spots. Whet...


Code 751 3X Strap On - 10 Inch...

Code 751 3X Strap On - 10 Inches Black or Cream colour. Sturdy with a hollow core


Code 755 - Butt Plug

Butt Plug. Available in Gold & Black


Bendy Twist

Bendy Twist Balls & Tickles 8.6"


Code 782 - Play Speculum

Play Speculum - Relax & Open Wide!


Code 783 - Play Disposable Dou...

Play Douche - Vaginal & anal. Disposable unit


Code 790B - Brumbie

Glass Toy - Brumby


Code 790BP - Butt Plug

Glass Toy - Butt Plug


Code 790D - Double Ender

Glass Toy - Double Ender


Code 790E - Exquisite

Glass Toy - Exquisite


Code 790H - Harlequin

Glass Toy - Harlequin


Code 790L - Light Up

Glass Toy - Light Up (with battery)


Code 790M - Murrumbidgee

Glass Toy - Murrumbidgee


Code 790P - Plugger

Glass Toy - Plugger


Code 790R - Regal

Glass Toy - Regal


Code 790T - Twist & Shout!

Glass Toy - Twist & Shout!


Code 790U - Batter Up

Glass Toy - Batter Up


Code 790V - Valentino

Glass Toy - Valentino


Code VBM - Medium Velvet Gift ...

Velvet Gift Bag Medium 20 x 30cm


Code VBS - Small Velvet Gift B...

Velvet Gift Bag Small 8 x 22cm

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