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Buy Dental Dams Online in Australia

Safe sex barriers like condoms, dental dams, gloves, and finger cots offer some of the best protections against the transmission of STIs. At Sax Healthcare we want to help you integrate safe sex practices to help you ensure that you're minimising your sex life in general risks as much as possible.

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Dental Dams

Dental dams provide a barrier to reduce the risk of infection during cunnilingus, which is oral sex involving the vulva or analingus, which is oral sex that involves the anus. Some people mistakenly believe that oral sex with someone does not involve STI risks. This is simply not true. Some common infections that can result from oral sex include parasite infections, gonorrhea, HPV, and the herpes virus.

Order dental dams online so that you always have a supply available. When in use, you should always make sure that the same side of the dam that has been against the body stays on that side. A pro tip is to write on one side so that you know which side is the right side. When you're done with it, throw it way and make sure to switch to a new dam for additional sexual activities such as switching to a different body part.


Gloves can be used to reduce the risk of infection with manual sex, such as fingering, handjobs, or any kind of anal play that involves the hands. They can also help to enhance the sexual experience because genital tissue is sensitive to rough nails and fingers. Like dental dams, make sure to use a new glove every time you engage in a new sexual activity.

Toy Cleaner

Use toy cleaner from Sax Healthcare to keep your sex toys in top condition. Toy cleaner is specially designed to prevent the materials in your sex toys from breaking down while also ensuring that body fluids are thoroughly removed. Sex toys should be cleaned regularly between sex acts and also after every sexual encounter with your partner. Even if you use sex toys during masturbation only, make sure that you clean them thoroughly to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria.

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Sax Health Care products known for their quality and reliability. As a “Healthy Sex Company,” Sax, we’ve been promoting sex life in general and increased enjoyment of intimacy since 2000. We are a trusted supplier of dams, gloves, toy cleaner and other products to sex life in general agencies and adult-related companies.

We offer fast, discreet shipping to locations throughout Australia.

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